Makerspace: Mrs. Roger’s Kindergarten Students Extend Their Study of Light

April 9, 2015

Mrs. Rogers’ Kindergarten students visited the Mater Christi School Makerspace to extend their study of light. Students added a color changing LED to the end of their magic reading wands, used a white LED on a coin battery to explore transparent, translucent, opaque and reflective materials, and made sun catchers!

Before coming to the makerspace, students read books about light and completed an activity “Where Does Light Come From?” In the makerspace, the saw was used to cut dowels to make wands, wire strippers and pliers were used to connect LEDs to coin batteries, the drill was used to make holes in our sun catchers so we can hang them in the window, and colorful tape, colored pencils and markers were used to complete our projects.

Next we will be making dark boxes and color filters to explore how we see using light, and color. It is all part of a unit on light combining Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core in Reading and Writing.

Tricia Finkle
MCS Makerspace Consultant