Teacher Talk: MCS Kindergarten Students Study the Human Body (Featured on WCAX)

March 28, 2015

IMG_7640The Kindergarten science unit on the human body allows the students to learn about their body inside and out. They explore their bones and muscles, major organs and how they work, as well as learning how to keep their bodies healthy.  They create many hands-on activities so the students can get an idea of how the body all works together to keep us alive and moving.  They also learn new vocabulary, write, use technology, weigh and measure, and conduct experiments as they discover their bodies inside and out!

We spent about a month learning about the circulatory system, the respiratory system, and the nervous system and how those systems work together to keep our bodies alive and well!  We also learned about the 206 bones in our body… by name!  We started by making our bodies and adding the many bones and organs that make up the human body.  We then labeled and wrote about those parts as we learned about them.  As we wrapped  up the unit, students had a lot of feedback:

  • IMG_7621“This was awesome!  I love learning about my lungs!”
  • “I love learning about my heart and brain!”
  • “The more you learn about your body the smarter you get.”
  • “When you learn about your bones, if you break one you can tell the doctor exactly what one.”
  • “I like singing about our bones.”
  • “Learning with your brain makes you more smarter!”
  • “Don’t forget your brain is your control center!”
  • “This was so much fun!”
  • “We made our heart pump blood!  Well, it was really a balloon and water.”
  • “Our ribs protect our lungs and heart.”
  • “We learned so much… I don’t think we can say it all!”

Cat Viglienzoni, WCAX Channel 3 News Reporter, featured our Kindergarten class on her “Sunday Science” series on Sunday, March 15. To view the full segment, visit: Sunday Science Using Crafts to Understand the Human Body

Kristen King
Kindergarten Teacher