MCS Students Collectively Win 10 Awards at State Science Fair Competition

March 28, 2015

Each year, students in grades 6-12 gather from all over the state to compete at The Vermont State Math & Science Fair. Mater Christi School students competed on Saturday, March 28th at Norwich University in Northfield with the support of their parents and their science teacher, Mr. Mark Pendergrass. This year, the competition was especially strong! MCS students collectively won 10 awards total including 4 Gold and Silver awards and 6 awards in special categories. Ten awards is the highest number of awards that MCS students have brought back in the past 8 years, the last highest being 8 awards in 2008.

Mater Christi School Science Fair Participants:

  • Claire Ammirato, Grade 7: “Play Ball Then Go Wash Your Hands: Which Piece of Sports Equipment has the most bacteria?”
  • Alexander Beauregard, Grade 8: “Humpty Dumpty’s Fatal Flaw”
  • Ethan Behr, Grade 7: “At the Speed of Age: Do people in different generations use new technology at different speeds?”
  • Tre Diemer, Grade 8: “The Sleep Cycle: What pre-sleep activity had what impact on the quality of your sleep using an app”
  • Elizabeth Harrington, Grade 8: “Rats and Organic VS Non-Organic Food Preference”
  • Jackson Harris, Grade 6: “Parachutes Unraveled: Which Parachute size is the best at slowing descent?”
  • Juliet Hassenberg, Grade 6: “Cocoa: Is It a Miracle Plant Grower? Does Cocoa Powder effect plant growth?”
  • George Huffman, Grade 6: “Fracking: What method of fracking extracts the most oil – cold water, hot water, or water and detergent?”
  • Lily Oliver, Grade 7: “Sugar and Carbs VS Glucose: Do drinks with more Sugar or Carbs actually have more glucose?”
  • Curtis Plante, Grade 8: “Do you Agree with only Hand Free”

2015 Award Winners:

  • VSSMF Gold Awards: Tre Diemer (8) and Juliet Hassenberg (6)
  • VSSMF Silver Awards: Elizabeth Harrington (8) and George Huffman (6)
  • Logic Supply Award for Best Use of Computer Science: Ethan Behr (7)
  • Award from Northern Section Institute of Food Technologies: Elizabeth Harrington (8)
  • Broadcom Masters Awards: Tre Diemer (8), Juliet Hassenberg (6)
  • U.S. Marines Awards: Tre Diemer (8) and Juliet Hassenberg (6)

Congratulations to all of our winners and participants for your hard work, determination and poise with the judges!