Makerspace: Liquid Density Experiment in 1st Grade

March 25, 2015

Students in Mrs. Sem’s 1st Grade class used the MCS makerspace on Tuesday, March 24th to do a science experiment about liquid density. Density is the degree of consistency measured by the quality of mass per unit volume. The varying liquids that the students observed each had a different density. When the liquids were poured into a mason jar, students could see how the liquids layered – one right on top of the other – which allowed the students to easily compare them.


  • Corn Syrup
  • Tap water colored with food coloring
  • Olive oil
  • Dawn dish soap (blue and orange)
  • Honey
  • Mason jars
  • Rubbing alcohol

Ms. Katie Cassavaugh, assistant teacher from Champlain College, helped the 1st grade students understand that the reason all the liquids didn’t blend together was because they each have a different density:

  • Corn syrup 1.33 g/ml
  • Water colored with food coloring 1.00 g/ml
  • Olive oil 0.92 g/ml
  • Dawn dish soap 1.03 g/ml
  • Honey 1.36 g/ml
  • Rubbing alcohol 0.87 g/ml