A Unique Interlude for MCS as It Prepares for a New School Year

August 12, 2014

A trio of newly named Catholic school educators and leaders recently gathered for an informal meeting at Mater Christi School. Visiting Mr. Anthony Fontana, new principal of the school, were Sr. Laura Della Santa, RSM, recently appointed Superintendent of Schools for the Catholic Diocese and Sr. Marianne Read, RSM, newest member of the MCS Board of Trustees.

Sr. Laura, Sr. Marianne Read and Anthony FontanaEach of the three, as they reflected on their goals for the year, illustrated strong beliefs in education as the best way in which to assure success for children, regardless of where these little ones call home.

Sr. Marianne who completed eight years as Administrator for the VT Sisters of Mercy in July, plans to work closely with the MCS Administration and teachers, bringing with her, not only the experience of the last eight years but that of her previous years as Superintendent of Schools for the Catholic School system. Her goal is to strive as a member of the board to support Mater Christi’s plan to serve its families in an exemplary manner academically, socially and spiritually.

Sr. Laura added that since Pope Francis is holding a synod on the Family in October her efforts this year will be centered on encouraging “each of the Catholic schools to act as faith-filled families not only within each school’s immediate circle but also to extend that sense of family to the broader community.” Sr. Laura Della Santa moved back to the Burlington area after having spent the last 10 years as principal of St. Joseph’s School in Keene, NH.

Mr. Fontana, as assistant principal of MCS last year, had been able to get acquainted with many of the families who make up the school’s community, and based on that experience has decided that this year’s theme will be “Magic.” Before joining Mater Christi School as assistant principal last year, Mr. Fontana was principal of St. Paul’s School in Barton, VT.