Students in all grade levels are introduced to technology and use it in a variety of ways. Mater Christi has 16 SMART Boards throughout both buildings. These interactive whiteboards allow teachers to create, collaborate and share information in all subject areas. In addition, all the students have access to Chromebooks, iPads and MacBooks that are used every day. The students research topics, read textbooks online, prepare and present information and create art and music using this exciting technology. The classrooms also all have mini computer lab stations to work on projects and the school has a computer lab for entire classrooms to use. Our Library and Media Center is a space where students are able to further learn and work together using the latest technology.

Maker Space

Students are inspired and empowered to use their power to design/create innovative solutions that embody Mercy values and serve society. Classroom teachers are motivated to use the Maker Space and associated resources to engage and inspire their students.
After school programs include Lego League Robotics and Bulldog Robotics for middle school students.
Maker Space Google Site

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Partnership with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education (TIIE)

The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education (TIIE) and Mater Christ School began a collaboration during the 2012-13 school year. Professionals from the two institutions gathered to formalize the 4-year partnership and initiative between them. The purpose of the Tarrant Institute is to enhance the educational experience of middle school students through the use of technology.