Physical Education

In the Physical Education program, we strive to enhance the enthusiasm for learning in our students. We recognize the importance for students to remain healthy and physically fit so that their education can be complete. Through P.E., self confidence is promoted in each child so that ultimately there will be a direct correlation between physical activity and wellness.

Students in Pre-School through Grade 8 are introduced to age appropriate exercise and physical activity that strengthens different parts of the body while allowing them to enjoy themselves. The goal is that the students develop a sound basis to become responsible for themselves as individuals while learning to be a contributing member of a team.

It is important that by graduation, students develop mentally and physically by learning life skills that will help them maintain a healthy, enjoyable life. Sportsmanship and cooperation are strongly emphasized.  Students are reminded when they play games that it is not important who wins, but instead, that everyone on both teams has fun. They are encouraged to be forgiving and helpful to those who are less skilled to create a caring environment. Students are introduced to these “helping skills” through cooperative activities and special P.E. field trips that need total group participation.

Some of the P.E. field trips have included the following:

  • Orienteering & Compass Skills at Niquette State Park
  • Safe Swim Program at the YMCA
  • Ice Skating at Leddy Park
  • Snake Mountain hikes
  • Northern Lights Ropes Course
  • Rock Climbing and Ropes Course at Metro Rock
  • Petra Cliffs Climbing

In the spring, students compete in the Mater Christi Olympics and the end of the year is always celebrated with the very popular “Field Day”. Field Day begins with the athletic awards and then students in K-8 are mixed up to form collaborative teams and spend the morning rotating to different fun activities. The afternoon is often celebrated with a Faculty vs. Student basketball game or school wide assembly.


Mater Christi offers the following sports programs:

Soccer – Grades 6 to 8
Baseball – Grades 7 to 8
Basketball – Grades 4 to 8
Cross Country – Grades 6 to 8
Girls on the Run – Grades 3 to 5
Field Hockey – Grades 6 to 8

After School Enrichment Sports Activities

Mater Christi School offers a rotating schedule of After School Enrichment clubs and classes.

Some of the past athletic enrichment opportunities have included the following:

Martial Arts – Pre-Kindergarten to 8
Fitness Club – Pre-Kindergarten to 8
Introduction to Yoga – Pre-School to 4
Zumba – Pre-School to 4
Soccer Club – All ages