• Academic Enrichment

    The opportunities for enrichment are plentiful at Mater Christi. Middle School Scholars Bowl team won the Scholars Bowl Tournament in 2012 and 2013. At the middle school level, Scholar’s Bowl is a competitive, academic,... Learn More

  • Afterschool Program

    In the Afterschool Program, we encourage students to move their bodies every day. We spend a great deal of time playing outside on the playground and the soccer field, except during inclement weather when we play games in the gym and cafeteria. A healthy snack, including fresh fruit, is provided every... Learn More

  • Athletics

    In the Physical Education program, we strive to enhance the enthusiasm for learning in our students. We recognize the importance for students to remain healthy and physically fit so that their education can be complete. Through P.E., self confidence is promoted in each child so that ultimately there... Learn More

  • Fine Arts

    Art is an incredible gift to all human beings. It is our goal to foster creativity, model respect and create an environment where all students feel welcome and valued. Art education as a continual learning experience that promotes diversity. Every student has a voice and art provides a platform for creative... Learn More

  • Guidance Counseling

    The role of Guidance within the Mater Christi community is to foster a positive and healthy school climate as well as advocating for students struggling with social and emotional problems. Our full-time guidance counselor serves students Pre-School through Grade 8 with periodic visits to the classrooms... Learn More

  • Integrated Arts

    Integration, in general, is an approach to education that creates a level of personal connection and added depth in the classroom through a creative inquiry-based process of teaching and learning. Arts integration is an approach to teaching that uses the fine and performing arts (visual arts, drama,... Learn More

  • Library

    Welcome to the MCS library where stories come to life and the magic of reading leads to discoveries beyond imagination!! Through books, reader's theater, art, movement, music, and collaboration, the library is alive with storytelling and characters. School and classroom themes as well as organic topics... Learn More

  • MCS Summer Camp 2023

    As you consider your plans for 2022, please review the sample programming below. MCS Summer Camp is a program available to children ages 3 - 10 years old, fully potty-trained. These exciting, action-packed, themed summer programs offer something for everyone – from "Looking for Champ" to "STEAM... Learn More

  • Music

    To introduce students to the language of music, expose students to various genres of music and performing arts, inspire independent, creative, deeper learning in music and the performing arts, foster the discovery of cross-curricular connections and ignite an independent desire for lifelong learning... Learn More

  • Service Learning

    Inspired by the Sisters of Mercy and their mission, Mater Christi School's six core values are more than just words -- they are our tradition, our philosophy, and our vision: Spiritual Growth and Development Personal and Educational Excellence Concern for Human Dignity Global Vision and... Learn More

  • Technology

    Students in all grade levels are introduced to technology and use it in a variety of ways. Mater Christi has 16 SMART Boards throughout both buildings. These interactive whiteboards allow teachers to create, collaborate and share information in all subject areas. In addition, all the students have access... Learn More

  • Theatre

    The Mater Christi drama program allows students in grades K-8 to discover the magic of theatre. The Drama Club explores the process of producing a musical in the fall and a straight play in the spring from auditions to final performance. Through the process of rehearsal we become... Learn More