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Inside Mater Christi

News: Thank You, PTO and MCS Community

December 10, 2021

This past Tuesday, our wonderful MCS PTO organized the eagerly anticipated Faculty/Staff Christmas Luncheon. This event is an annual favorite, during which teachers and staff gratefully enjoy the delicious luncheon, desserts, and gift cards that our community members generously provide. Thank you, PTO and MCS community, for this special event and for sharing your greatest gifts, your children, with us each and every day!   Read more...

Teacher Talk: Grades 1 & 8 Science Collaboration

December 6, 2021

Ms. Lee’s first grade class and Mr. Pendergrass’s eighth grade class are collaborating this year on a regular basis to do science explorations together. In the beginning of the school year, the two classes were excited to see they would be sharing both their lunch and recess blocks and after seeing how well they connected with each other, Ms. Lee ventured to take it one step further and introduced Science […] Read more...

Teacher Talk: Finance Bazaar – Grade 4 & 5

December 3, 2021

The Finance Bazaar is a joining learning initiative project for 4th and 5th-grade students in which they create and run a simulated marketplace in both 5th-grade classrooms. 5th graders practice skills in multiplying decimals and problem solving, calculating tax, discounts, and total prices. 4th graders practice adding and subtracting money, counting change, and becoming familiar with money and coin values. The mini unit takes about two weeks of instruction for […] Read more...

News: Tree Lighting 2021

December 2, 2021

We are so grateful to be able to return once again to the annual tradition of gathering for our Mater Christi tree lighting.  This tradition began eight years ago after the passing of a beloved Mater Christi alumna, Emily Lyman. Since then, the event has grown and flourished under the thoughtful shepherding of faculty, staff, and students.  Now the event is observed in memory of both Emily and Ryan Collins, […] Read more...

News: Grade 8 Pasta Dinner

November 10, 2021

WOW!! What an event and what a generous and supportive community we have! Thank you all for making this an event to remember. We would like to send a huge thank you to Chef Dan and Chef Ray for the countless hours they put in and their flexibility to accommodate for the supply issues we faced; ensuring we provided our community with a tasty meal. Talk about tasty, thank you […] Read more...