Why Give?

When you give to Mater Christi, the faculty and our students immediately feel the impact. Your gift of $25 to $50 supports our faculty and students with the supplies they need such as software and paper for worksheets and tests. Your gift of $100 to $250 helps to keep our library stocked with new books and allow us to bring in guest speakers for opportunities for authentic learning. Your gift of $500 to $1,000 helps to cover the cost continuing education for one to two teachers so that our staff can continue to grow in their profession and apply their new skills in our classrooms. A leadership gift of $3,000 or more helps to sustain the complete Mater Christi experience by supporting salaries to attract and retain the best teachers.

These are just some examples of where your money makes a difference immediately.

  • Donations were used to purchase new drums to ensure that every child that wanted to join the MCS drumline could.
  • 12 new microscopes were purchased to support scientific learning.
  • Enhancements to our playground and outdoor basketball court ensured our students were active and safe during outdoor free time.
  • Field trips expanded our students view of art, culture and the world.
  • Our comprehensive technology program ensures our students are prepared for our rapidly changing world.
  • Professional development allows our teachers to continue to grow in their profession and apply their new skills.
  • Your gifts support so much, helping to sustain the complete Mater Christi Experience!

When families send their children to Mater Christi, they have made a significant investment in their future through tuition payments. They have entrusted us to educate their hearts, minds and souls to ensure they have a strong foundation for high school and beyond. This foundation will help them to be good students, good neighbors and good citizens of the world.

You may be surprised to know that tuition only covers a part of each child’s education. We call the remaining portion “the gap.” The actual per student cost at Mater Christi is in excess of $13,000, while tuition remains thousands of dollars below that sum. Unlike some Catholic schools, Mater Christi School is not subsidized with cash contributions from a parish or the Diocese. It is self-sustaining through tuition revenue and fund-raising.  The gap is filled by grants and gifts from people just like you.