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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Next PTO Meeting
Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 9:00, via Zoom
Meeting Link
All parents are welcome and encouraged to join!

PTO Leadership for 2021-2022

Results of the PTO Leadership Elections are in!
Thank you to the MCS community for voting!
Congratulations to our in-coming 2021-2022 Leadership Team!

Karen Robinson & Jody Tritt

Co-Vice Presidents
Michelle Desautels & Melissa Caligiuri

Kris Koehne

Congratulations again to Karen, Jody, Michelle, Melissa, and Kris.

PTO Resources
Minutes from May 5, 2021 PTO Meeting
Minutes from April 14, 2021 PTO Meeting
Minutes from March 10, 2021 PTO Meeting
Nominations and Elections for 2021-2022 PTO Leadership
Mater Christi School PTO Bylaws
Mater Christi School PTO Facebook Group β€” please join us!

MCS 2020-2021 Leadership Team
Jody Tritt
Karen Robinson
Laura Iglehart

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