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The PTO at Mater Christi is a wonderful way to connect with the school.  There are a variety of ways to volunteer and there are many different opportunities depending on your desired level of commitment. For example, you can attend the monthly PTO meetings, be a room parent and help out in your child’s class, volunteer at beautification day, help out at activities such as the back to school carnival, teacher appreciation day, a helper in the lunch room, or become a member of the spring benefit committee. The PTO is a great way to meet people, get to know the MCS teachers and staff, and to know what is going on at our great school. The money that PTO raises goes to help support programs like Four Winds, teacher grants, and the PTO also donates money back to the school.  Some examples of teacher grants include a rug for the art room, books for the 5th grade, a drum for the drum line, hand bells for the music teacher, and materials for the French teachers. The PTO plays a huge roll in fostering the strong sense of community that is present at Mater Christi.  They host fun events in which families can interact and get to know one another.  It helps people get to know everyone on a first name basis as well as meet other students in your child’s class. Volunteering is a great way to give back to our school.  PTO members generously donate their time and resources.  This helps to free up our teachers and staff time so they can focus on our children, providing them with the best education possible.  This is especially important at a school that does not receive state funding.  Every opportunity to volunteer is important and greatly appreciated. Everyone is encouraged to roll up your sleeves and get started!  Come join the fun!

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