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Mark Pendergrass

Mark Pendergrass grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and attended a Private Day/Boarding School called The Baylor School. While there he ran cross-country and participated in the outdoor program called Walkabout. He attended Appalachian State University, where he spent a great deal of time climbing in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He graduated with a double Major in Geology and Secondary Education. After graduating, he moved back to Tennessee and accepted a job as a special educator at a psychiatric facility for adolescents. He continued teaching while enrolled in a master’s program at the University of Tennessee. Near the completion of his M.Ed. in Special Education, he met his  wife (a Canadian) who was training as a medical resident at the University of Vermont Medical Center. Mr. Pendergrass now has 2 children enrolled at the Mater Christi School, and is proud to be both a Mater Christi teacher and a Mater Christi parent!


  • B.S. Geology, Secondary Education -Appalachian State University
  • M.Ed. Special Education –The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Activities and Clubs

  • Cross Country Coach
  • Scholars Bowl Coach
  • Mater Christi School “Facultones” Singers


  • ASU Geology Department -Fashion Award 2005

Best Mater Christi Moment

Greeting students early in the morning on traffic duty, especially in February.


“Science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be, and outside of its domain value judgments of all kinds remain necessary”  – Albert Einstein


Fishing, Climbing, Skiing, Running, Surfing (poorly!)

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Middle School Science Teacher