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Angelia Haag

Angelia (pronounced “Angela”) Haag works for Department of Homeland
Security as an Assistant Regional Director for the Northeast Regional office’s
Budget and Asset Management programs. Angel has a Bachelor’s degree in
Business Management with minor degrees in Accounting and Computer
Angel lives in South Burlington with her husband, Andrew, and has three
children, Jordan, Brooke, and Alexander and a Morkie fur baby named Hope.
Angel grew up in Essex and is the youngest of 12 children. She credits her
parents for providing love and teaching all of her siblings to love Jesus, each
other, and her Catholic faith.
Angel is a lector at St. John Vianney church and enjoys spending time with
her family, cuddling with her dog, traveling, yoga, and is a junkie for any kind
of documentary TV show on the Universe, Planets, or Space! She is a lector
at St. John Vianney church.
Angel is honored to be selected for the MCS Board of Trustees and looks
forward to helping out where ever her skills can be utilized.