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Remote Learning

Setting the Standard for Remote Learning

Mater Christi School was one of the first schools in Vermont to transition to remote learning; the school rolled out a complete remote learning platform on March 17. Internally, school faculty and administration had already been preparing for the possibility. Now in Week 9 of remote learning, Mater Christi has implemented a remote learning curriculum that will allow students to complete their coursework within the regular school calendar.

Head of School Tim Loescher led the development of a pedagogical approach tailored to each developmental and grade level. It was established collaboratively to ensure the best learning environment possible at each grade level. “This, we knew, would require a clear approach, a daily structure, a balance of flexibility and accountability, and ever-present attention to the whole child,” Loescher says.

At each grade level, Mater Christi faculty seek the “sweet spot” of instruction and learning in order to maintain an age-appropriate balance between online/screen-related activities, and off-line tasks, activities, and projects. The sweet spot seeks to maintain high expectations, an appropriate level of personal responsibility, and ongoing learning, problem-solving, critical thinking, along with interaction and classroom participation

Individual and small group meetings for academic and social support/needs are also part of the weekly regimen along with the arts, engineering, and physical activity/education. Enrichment and extension activities are provided for advanced learners; individualized and personal support from the Support Staff is also available. “Communication between administration and community, and between teachers, students, and parents/guardians, is critical and consistent,” Loescher adds.