• Preschool

    The foundations in the Mater Christi Preschool are Family, Faith and Community. Children are unique in how they perceive the world. Parents, grandparents, siblings, birth order, gender, learning style and culture are all important pieces to consider when encouraging a successful Preschool education... Learn More

  • Pre-Kindergarten

    Come join us to experience curiosity, persistence, reasoning, the application of previous knowledge and discovery! Pre-Kindergarten students at Mater Christi build a positive awareness of self, an appreciation of their own abilities, an awareness of limitations, and a strong sense of belonging. Because... Learn More

  • Kindergarten

    The Kindergarten curriculum at Mater Christi focuses on the whole child.  We value and foster a child’s social development, emotional development, cognitive development, physical development, and spiritual development while encouraging creativity and inqu ... Learn More

  • Grade School (1-3)

    At Mater Christi School, Grades 1-3 are housed in the elementary building on our campus.  Learning takes place in a self-contained classroom with one teacher and between 12-24 students.  Daily schedules include instruction in math, language arts and religion.  Other content areas also incorporated... Learn More

  • Intermediate (4-5)

    Students in Grades 4 and 5 each have a homeroom that they begin the morning in, and then students rotate to three different classrooms to receive instruction from the four intermediate level teachers. The fourth grade and fifth grade will rotate separately as a class to Ms. Shields for Math and Science,... Learn More

  • Middle School (6-8)

    Mater Christi School’s Middle School provides an environment that allows transition for the students as they move from the elementary into high school and beyond. At a time in their lives when profound changes are occurring, Mater Christi students are challenged to become thoughtful... Learn More

  • Support Services

    What Is Support Services? The Director and Staff of Support Services work with students who need extra assistance in academic subjects.  The director, with input from teachers and administration, selects students to receive services.  He/She administers educational tests and acts as a liaison... Learn More