As a graduate of Mater Christi School, I am thankful for the wonderful education I received. My teachers prepared me incredibly well for high school and beyond. We made the choice to send our daughter to Mater Christi at the age of three and are so happy we did. Their nurturing, enriching and thoughtful environment has helped her thrive. We highly recommend Mater Christi School and thank them for making it a wonderful place for our daughter.

Kelly and Sara Byers
Mater Christi School alumnus and Parents of a Mater Christi School student
Essex Junction, VT

We are new to Mater Christi and my daughter has started in the pre-school program, Fall 2014. I have been really impressed with how warm the community is and how involved and invested parents and teachers are in their children’s educations. I am delighted that my family has found a “home” here in Burlington and feel satisfied that our children are in a community that offers a safe, progressive and challenging learning environment – and I feel secure that this is the best environment I can offer my children.

Michael and Marla Woulf
Parents of a Mater Christi School student
Colchester, VT

A Mater Christi education is our gift to each of our children. A Catholic school reinforces the family values we teach at home and allows our children a small, nurturing, disciplined environment that stresses academics. It’s an education of the whole student – mind, body, and spirit.

Ken and Mary Beth Sartorelli
Parents of one Mater Christi School student and three alumni
Williston, VT

The close relationship between MCS teachers and parents makes the school a natural extension of our family. Academic excellence, dedication, and love are all characteristics that make MCS an exceptional school and the right choice for our children.

Declan McCabe and Margaret Vizzard
Parents of one Mater Christi School student and two alumni
South Burlington, VT

We know that at Mater Christi, our children are expected to live up to their full potential academically, socially, and spiritually. The teachers educate our children as individuals and tailor their approach accordingly without sacrificing high expectations for performance and behavior. It is worth every penny.

Jim and Kathy Howrigan
Parents of two Mater Christi School students, and Jim is Mater Christi School alumnus
Colchester, VT

It is hard to articulate how grateful we are to the faculty and staff at MCS. I have had the opportunity to work in many schools and have never witnessed one with a community so close knit and caring anywhere. The MCS leadership team is strong and caring. In this school, teachers look out for all of the student body. Being respectful on this campus isn’t an option, it is understood by all. When you walk into the building, a student will hold the door for you on their own accord, smile and say “hello”. Observing a school wide assembly you will see older students collaborating with their younger buddies. It won’t go unnoticed that every student is focused on the task at hand. When a teacher or principal puts their hand up to speak, silence is found in a moment. No one is yelling at these kids to quiet down, they just do.

Mater Christi instills values and standards that these students will carry with them their entire lives. The cafeteria, playground and classrooms are safe places where all students are respected and cared for. In this environment, much true learning takes place. Not all of the students are MCS are Catholic. My children are not, but I cannot tell you how pleased I am that they are exposed each and every day to Christian values and teaching. Last year unexpectedly, we lost six people very close to our family. The faith my children attained through their years at school helped pull us all through an extremely tough time. Our teachers at MCS provide this amazing education not because each and every student is Catholic, but because their faith and love of education calls them to do it. They work so hard; their dedication is incredible.

When my oldest daughter entered Rice, we were pleased with how prepared she was for the rigorous education that was to come. She was enrolled in honors and AP classes, playing sports along with being involved in the student council. She thrived in high school and now is doing the same as a freshman in college.

My youngest child was diagnosed with dyslexia in kindergarten. His teacher caught it immediately. My husband and I were devastated due to past personal experience with this diagnosis. The teachers were right by our side by helping us to help our son find his way and thrive. MCS provides assistance and an environment for him in which he is growing and progressing each and every day. There hasn’t been a day yet when my son hasn’t skipped off to school in the morning with a smile on his face. His teachers have worked so hard and done so much extra so that he can be successful. For this dedication and early intervention, we will be forever grateful.

Sitting around the dinner table one night, my two daughters’ eyes were literally glistening as they spoke about their Literature and English classes and how exciting they were. My husband and I just looked at each other and smiled, we didn’t need words to explain to each other the identical thought we simultaneously had. Seriously, how many kids are fired up about an English class at dinner? There is so much about this school to be grateful for. Not a day passes by when any of us has taken the gift of Mater Christi for granted.

Jerry and Lori Tarrant
Parents of one Mater Christi School student, and three alumnni
Colchester, VT

We moved to Vermont, seeking a school that valued academic excellence, high standards of behavior, and our children’s emotional development. Mater Christi has met or exceeded our expectations. It is a nurturing but rigorous community of families and teachers working together to educate and raise children of character. Mater Christi teaches the whole child. Perhaps this is why our children skip to school each day!

Jeff and Allison Kingsley
Parents of two Mater Christi School students
Shelburne, VT

Both of my children have attended Mater Christi since preschool. Working at Fletcher Allen Health Care with a daily commute to Burlington, this has proven to be a great decision for our family. While I work full time, I am still able to be a part of important events in their school. The sense of community at this school is unparalleled. I find it amazing that even teachers who have not yet had my children in class know their names in the halls. Nothing is more welcoming than when I drop off in the morning and the principal personally greets us at the door. The amazing Afterschool Enrichment Program allows working parents flexibility together with the assurance that our kids are in capable hands. Afterschool seamlessly picks up where the school day ends with the perfect blend of fun, homework time and stimulating activities that build upon the rigorous yet captivating curriculums. When I reflect upon what I am grateful for in life, the extraordinary education my kids receive at Mater Christi is at the top of the list.

Jason and Laura Greene
Parents of two Mater Christi School students and Jason is a Mater Christi School alumni
Underhill, VT

The experience of our three children at Mater Christi School has been nothing short of magical. We have watched them bloom – in knowledge, self-confidence, world-awareness, ethical sensitivity, and personal relations. This is quite a list, but there is more: having known and been supported by a team of educators who not only teach day by day, but inspire day by day. Mater Christi has sent our children on a life course of learning and service, and we are without adequate words of gratitude.

The Espadero-White Family
Former Mater Christi School Family

Mater Christi has provided a supportive environment that has enabled our daughter to thrive academically, spiritually, and socially. The highly educated faculty and staff at Mater Christi are the best! Every member cares and wants to help make a difference in the lives of the students they teach. They will do whatever is needed of them to help each student reach his or her potential.

Being a part of Mater Christi is like being a member of a close family. Walk through the building and you have a sense of family, not an institution. From the first open house we attended (now over 5 years ago), we knew this was the school for us and we made the right choice. Our daughter is making friends that we know she will have and keep for years.

Ed and Kathy Cawley
Parents of one Mater Christi School student
Colchester, VT