Located in Burlington’s Hill Section, Mater Christi School’s beautiful, safe campus shares more than 19 acres with the Sisters of Mercy, whose convent adjoins our middle school building. On sunny fall and spring days, it is a common (and happy) sight to find teachers and their students enjoying a lesson on the lawn.

Our school occupies two spacious buildings. The two-story elementary building is home to pre-school through grade three classrooms and the nurse’s office, large gymnasium with a new basketball floor, as well as a large stage for assemblies and drama, choral, and band productions.

In addition, the elementary building features a Makerspace, used by students in pre-school through grade eight use the as a way to enrich their learning beyond the usual classroom setting with lessons and activities customized and specifically aligned with  the teachers’ curriculum. 3rd grade students created mousetrap cars to extend their learning on force and motion, kindergarten students created LED wands to extend their lesson on light, 5th grade students created claymation movies on the iPads to make their transportation vocabulary words come to life.

Classrooms for grades four through eight are located in the middle school, along with administrative offices, a state-of-the-art computer lab, the art room, and the music and band rooms. The MCS Library and Media Center (featuring 10,000 books as well as a SMARTBoard, iPads, MacBooks, and desktop computers) is also in this building.

The lower level of the middle school is home to the cafeteria and the school’s newly renovated science wing.  The impressive science wing includes a lecture room (with SMART Board) and a bright and spacious laboratory with slate top lab desks, new microscopes, a shake table to study engineering, a weather station, a SMART Board, greenhouse windows, and equipment to study spectroscopy, which is how astronomers and physicists learn about the content of stars.  The science wing also includes an extensive rock collection, provided by the Sisters of Mercy, with an extensive array of fossils, minerals and rocks.

The Mater Christi School playground is well known for its impressive play structures (a larger structure for kindergarten through grade eight, and a smaller structure for pre-school), as well as the new basketball court and soccer field.